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Bees Knees Wellness 

Bees Knees Wellness 

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This is the BEES KNEES!  They are so full of energy and certainly have spring in their step! They have us dancing in the kitchen!
Anne and Martin M. 81 and 86 years young

I'm thankful to find a class that focuses on my age range.  I like it and it works to keep me active after retirement. 

Bill W. 60 years

I feel better and like the other people in class.

It's actually fun.

Diane D. 61 years

We are so very thankful to have found Bees Knees Wellness for our Mum and Dad.  We were often worried that they were having difficulties getting around and nervous of a fall.  Jenna and Randy help them with new balance exercises and provide them with homework throughout the week.  They now use dumbbells and share with us their memory exercises.  We could not be happier with the results. Thank you!
Cherri T. Daughter of Dad 80 and Mum 77 

Jenna knows her stuff.  She understands I could never touch my toes and don't plan on it.  She has helped me stay busy at home doing different exercises that have helped me with driving and keeping steady on my feet.  It's a good day when she arrives.
Ernie S. 81 years young

I've been working with Bees Knees Wellness for over a year now.  They come into my condo two times a week to work on balance, strength and my heart health.  All my exercise is equipment is given to me and I have homework to work on too.  I feel better and have more energy since I started.  I've even lost weight!
Maxine W. 77 years young