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If you ever wondered whether a personal trainer is worth the money, the answer is Randy. Always upbeat, always encouraging, he creates new routines for every session instead of boring replays. I started training with Randy when I turned 70, it's worked so well I think I'll turn 69 on my next birthday.

—  Dr. Brian C.

Age: 70, going on 69



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Jenna Jepson

Jenna is the founder of BKW with over 20+ years experience in older adult health and wellness. She started BKW as a passion project to start her own #ActiveAgingRevolution. She is currently the Executive Director of the Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Society. Jenna & her team at GFLS are working with the City of Calgary to implement wellness initiatives for older adults in Forest Lawn and surrounding vulnerable areas.

Randy Schiissler

Randy is an active aging enthusiast and the owner of BKW. Despite the porcelain skin Randy is 110 years old at heart. He has over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry; 5 of which have been specializing in older adults with BKW. He's interested in ways to prevent cognitive decline & age related disease. He's on a mission to find out how to live better, longer. He has recently been educated on who The Everly Brothers are. 

Farley James

pet therapist

Farley, aka Handsome Boy, has been working with BKW since 2015. Despite a possible thyroid problem, Farley loves walks by the river, naps in the sun & rolling over for carrots. Catch him in action in our Photo Gallery.