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Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band

Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines 


If you ever wondered whether a personal trainer is worth the money, the answer is Randy. Always upbeat, always encouraging, he creates new routines for every session instead of boring replays. I started training with Randy when I turned 70, it's worked so well I think I'll turn 69 on my next birthday.

—  Dr. Brian C.

Age: 71

Working Out at Home

Personal Training (per hour):

online: $60


1 person: $60 

2 people: $75

3+ people: $100

Program Design: 

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Jenna Jepson

Jenna is the founder of BKW with over 20+ years experience in adult health and wellness. She started BKW as a passion project to start her own #ActiveAgingRevolution in Calgary, AB.

Randy Schiissler

Randy is an active aging enthusiast and the owner of BKW. He's interested in ways to prevent cognitive decline & age related disease. He has recently been educated on who The Everly Brothers are. 

Farley James
'Pet Therapist'

Farley, aka Handsome Boy, has been working with BKW since 2015. Despite a possible thyroid problem, Farley loves walks by the river, naps in the sun & rolling over for carrots. Catch him in action in our Photo Gallery.